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Custom manufacturing

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The type of plastic manufacturing used for our products is based on three questions that our customers must think about and whose answers will direct the manufacturing technique most appropriate to their needs.


Where will the plastic product be used?


How will the plastic product be used and how often will it be used?


How long should the plastic product last?


Among our techniques for making custom plastics are bonding and hot glueing, amid other things.

Bonding for plastic manufacturing

The bonding of plastic, which our team masters very well, is ideal for the production of plastic parts requiring sharp and straight edges. This type of assembly is often preferred for the machining of large plastic parts or in projects with a clean design, modern and refined style. Chloride glue or UV glue, the choice of the type of glue depends on the answers to the above questions, since chloride glue provides superior resistance whereas UV glue is preferred for its more aesthetic and neat finish.

Hot bending or folding during the production of plastic products

We prefer hot bending or folding for three reasons:


Volume productions


Thin plastics


For a product with a rounded appearance


Hot bonding or folding is, as the name suggests, a process which consists of deforming the plastic material under the effect of heat in order to obtain the desired folding. With this type of process, we obtain custom plastic pieces with rounded and neat edges.

The professionalism of a team at your service

The recipe is very simple: bring together the best to offer plastic manufacturing at its best. Plastica has spent almost two decades working in a stimulating and constantly evolving field with a curious, passionate and dynamic team. Several members of our team have been with us since the very beginning of the company and we can count on their expertise and know-how.

Because we support our customers at each stage of the plastic manufacturing and machining process, at Plastica we offer all the services complementary to our custom manufacturing service, including the CNC digital cutting service, the cutting and engraving service laser, digital printing service and delivery service.


Contact us today for a full support customer care.

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