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Machining of plastic parts for manufacturing plexiglass protective screens.

Who would have thought one day that a global pandemic, such as that of COVID-19, would have prompted us to review customer / employee relationships. Fortunately, human beings have an extraordinary capacity for their environment in addition to knowing how to be creative in solving problems.

This is exactly what we have done at Plastica: we have adapted to the situation and have shown creativity in producing protective screens (breath guard) in plexiglass (acrylic), which ensures the safety of employees and customers of a business and thus, allow the business to resume, or continue, its activities.

We make those protectors from a sheet of plexiglass (acrylic) that we cut with our CNC digital cutting machines. What you see on the image above is just one model among many which can be created according to your needs and which can also be personalized, for example, by engraving or printing your logo with our printers digital and laser recorders.

Do you want to continue or resume your commercial activities quickly? Contact us so that we can produce the protective screens you need to continue or resume your activities.

Supporting you at each stage of the plastic manufacturing and machining process is our way of showing our interest in your project. We will be able to guide you through our various complementary services to CNC digital cutting, digital printing and laser cutting and engraving, including the custom plastic manufacturing service and the delivery service, in order to deliver a product to your expectations. Contact us today for full support.


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