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Nylon from the Nyloil® range is very popular in industrial sectors for its high resistance to wear and high pressure. Its performance is due to its manufacturing method: an oil-based lubricant is evenly distributed when the sheets are poured. Imperceptible to sight or touch, the lubricated surface does not lose quality despite machining or wear.


Its self-lubrication allows it 25% less friction than other standard nylons, which reduces noise in addition to having a long lifespan. Easily machinable, Nyloil® is used to manufacture bearing parts, wear strips, gears, pulleys, conveyor wheels, rollers and more.

Nyloil® allows:

• Table saw cutting

• CNC cutting

• CNC engraving

• Mechanical assembly with screws


Nyloil® is green, available in sheets per square foot. Thicknesses varies from 1/4 to 4 and is also available in tubes and rods depending on availability from suppliers.

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