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Brand Names : Sintra, Intacel, Interfoam, Etc.
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MPVC (expanded polyvinyl chloride, or foamed PVC) is a light and rigid material. In the industry, it is the first premium PVC panel in the last 30 years.

Its surface is satin and completely smooth. MPVC has excellent properties for digital printing or transforming.

Since MPVC is porous, it is however fragile to impacts.

MPVC allows: 

  • Cutting on a Table saw 

  • CNC cutting

  • CNC engraving

  • Hot bending

  • Assembly and gluing

  • Digital printing


MPVC is available in thicknesses from 1/8” up to 1” in black or white.

Several colors are also available upon request.

The sheets are sold in a 48’’ X 96’’ format.

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