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Brand Names : Lexan, Tuffak, Makrolon, Hammerglass, Margard, Co-Ex, Verolite, Etc.
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Polycarbonate is a hard polymer-based plastic that is high impact and chip resistant. Often compared to glass for its transparency, polycarbonate is two hundred times more resistant than glass. Although it scratches easily when cleaned, this plastic is also available with an anti-scratch film.


Lexan is a material that absorbs little moisture and tolerates temperature variations well (between −100°C and 120°C). Fire resistant, it meets many fire standards. In addition to standard sheets, polycarbonate also exists in a bulletproof range (Margard laminate) or for multi-walled or corrugated gazebo roofs. It is a plastic that is very easy to machine.

Polycarbonate allows: ​

  • Table saw cut

  • CNC cut

  • Hot bending

  • Cold bending

  • Assembled and glued

  • CNC engraving

  • Impression

  • Glue polishing


Sheets are available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses. Polycarbonate is also available in rod or tube of various formats.

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