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A plastic manufacturing company

who also makes delivery !

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Our plastic manufacturing business is service excellence, from the design of plastic parts to their delivery. Often overlooked step, we consider delivery at Plastica as one of the most important steps, if not the most important, because it is the conclusion of the process and the link between the product and the customer. We see to it that the delivery of our orders is an experience that leaves our customers in the certainty of having called on the right custom plastic manufacturing company.

Respect of deadlines


Previously determined with our customers, we see to follow and respect the agreed timetable so that our orders are delivered on time.

Quality control


Concerned about each step and right up to the packaging, our quality control team scrutinizes each piece of plastic and ensures that they meet the Plastica quality criteria.

Safe packaging and delivery


Since we have at heart the security of the delivery of our products, we see to take, according to the requests and needs of our customers, all the necessary precautions (custom-made box, protective film, anti-movement jam) during the packaging of parts so that the product our customers receive is the same one that left our factory.



At Plastica, we deliver much more than custom-made plastic products, we deliver expertise in CNC digital cutting, laser cutting and engraving, digital printing and custom plastic manufacturing that we are constantly enriching to offer the best, day after day.


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