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Brand Names : Sanalite, Seaboard, Playboard, Duraflex, Etc.
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HDPE (high density polyethylene) is a material that is resistant to impact and wear. It is a durable material but is unprotected, so there are imperfections on the surface. HDPE can be used outdoors even under very low temperature. This plastic does not deform under weight.

Its finish may vary from line to line, but standard HDPE is smooth and glossy.

Most frequently used for the food industry, HDPE sanalite is also used for the manufacture of industrial cutting boards.

Aside from these, it can be used for children's play modules, outdoor signage, nautical vehicle components and more.

HDPE allows:

• Bench saw cut

• CNC cut

• CNC engraving

• Hot bending

• Mechanical assembly with screws

• Digital printing on certain range


HDPE is usually white, but it can be available in black or other colors upon request.


It is made in rods or sheets of various sizes.

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