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Custom plastic manufacturing

Expert in machining and
plastic manufacturing.


To become experts in plastic manufacturing, two elements are necessary: the need combined with a team of visionary professionals. These two elements are the pillars on which our company is based, which has chosen to promote and market the multiple and advantageous uses of plastics in order to manufacture customized and personalized plastic products.


This is how in 2002 Plastica was born to become one of the most recognized companies specializing in the manufacture and machining of plastic in Quebec.


Plastica is made up of dynamic professional specialist teams who work in perfect synergy to offer companies high-quality plastic products. We thus aim to meet the specific needs of companies in these manufacturing sectors, retail products, cosmetics, cabinetmaking, architecture, display and lettering, commercial and industrial construction, catering, hotels and any other area where the manufacture of plastic is suitable for use. We rely on full support of each stage of our product production to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. From sales to delivery, from design to manufacturing, we make sure the Plastica experience is most personalized, professional and enjoyable.

Plastic manufacturing in all its forms


Few materials can boast having as many qualities as plastic. Malleable, durable, flexible, versatile, light and affordable, plastic bends to all prowess and is suitable for all styles and types of projects; from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Plastic reinvented


Combining the latest digital technologies with plastics allows us at Plastica to push the limits and reinvent it. Our specialized and adapted equipment increases the already unlimited possibilities of plastic manufacturing to create tailor-made and personalized projects.

Durable material


The bad press for plastics in recent years could call into question the choice of this material. However, plastic is a durable, reusable and recyclable material that allows it to be transformed again, again and again. Aware of the green shift, we at Plastica have adapted our manufacturing methods to reduce our losses and waste and have reviewed our supply methods to reduce our ecological footprint.

Plastica, paying it forward


Working to optimize the plastic as much as possible and wishing to deliver within the community, we have created partnerships with organizations that hand over our scrap to schools, OBLs and other organizations so that these can be used for projects that develop creativity and young people's manual skills. Thus, they transform our rejects to become functional elements (shelves, supports, displays, furniture, display cases, posters, etc.) or aesthetic elements.


Trust Plastica, the excellence of expertise, in a multitude of services (CNC digital cutting, laser cutting and engraving, digital printing, plastic manufacturing and delivery) for the manufacturing and machining of plastic.

A foolproof team!

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