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Plastic machining in Quebec

Here are the 5 categories of plastic available for custom machining and manufacturing at Plastica:


The flexibility and lightness of acrylic are characteristics that make this plastic versatile. By versatility, we also mean the vast range of possibilities offered by this plastic material by its composition, but also by the fact that it is customizable in color and texture.

We choose acrylic especially for its transparency, its good value for money (compared to glass), its durability and its aesthetics. Thus, this plastic material can meet the criteria of the most high-end projects and be found in the most chic and sophisticated decors. Acrylic is mainly used in the machining of displays, showcases, supports and lettering.

Polycarbonate and Petg

The word that best describes polycarbonate is: resistance. This plastic offers resistance unequaled by any other plastic to impacts. Although it is not our niche at Plastica, it can be interesting to know that polycarbonate is used for the machining of car windows of great leaders since the resistance of this plastic material makes it bullet-proof and even bomb-proof. Its higher price is justified by this high resistance which offers an increased level of protection. Polycarbonate is found in all projects that require a transparent material and ultra resistant to impacts.



At Plastica, we have a wide range of industrial plastics to meet the requirements and specifics of your projects. Industrial plastic, available in several colors, is practical rather than aesthetic. So we use this type of plastic in the machining of park benches and bins, restaurant cutting table, for gear parts, etc. In summary, industrial plastic is found in projects that require a specific application (resistance to heat, abrasion, etc.).

Economical plastic

Its name already defined very well. Economical plastic is an affordable plastic, perfect for low-budget projects. Recognized for its great lightness and offered in a large inventory of colors and finishes, economical plastic offers a wide range of possibilities. Economic plastic is mostly found in display and lettering, but it can be used for artistic projects or other projects for which it meets the criteria.

Gravoply engraving plastic

Although it is also possible to engrave on acrylic, this plastic material is specially designed to be engraved. The engraving plastic (Gravoply) is in fact two overlap sheets of plastic and it is the etching done on the first sheet which reveals the color of the second sheet. The versatility of engraving plastic means that it is used in various sectors. However, it is used more in the industrial sector for tracking, for safety signs, among others in planes, trains, elevators, hotels, etc. This type of plastic is available in several colors, thicknesses and finishes.

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