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Découpe et gravure laser

Laser cutting and engraving

texte écoupe laser

In addition to wanting to offer you quality, we also want at Plastica to support you in your most creative, unique and complex projects. Our impressive fleet of state-of-the-art laser engraving and cutting machines gives us great creative freedom that can meet all demands in addition to ensuring :

Small and large volume productions

To carry out the production of several projects simultaneously

Precise cuts and engraving with polished edges

Speed and time savings.

Laser engraving, a brand that stands out

Our laser engravers offer unequaled engraving quality. Laser engraving can be used for technical and aesthetic purposes, including the creation of patterns, textures, lettering, images, etc.

The digital age and plastic

Combining the performance of our laser cutting machinery with the precision of information technology has made it possible to considerably reduce constraints and thus widen the range of possibilities in order to meet the requirements of the most complex projects. Our computer programming ensures :


Precision laser cutting and engraving

Machining serial parts

Fast and top quality production

Large inventory of raw materials

What would a company specializing in the manufacture and machining of plastic be if it did not have a large inventory of its raw material. We see at Plastica that we regularly source plastic and keep our inventories up to date to ensure the availability of our plastic products.

Cutting and laser engraving equipment at the service of humans

Our laser cutting and engraving equipment and our computer programs require the intervention of professionals in order to deliver the desired product. Thus, programmers and operators work together to see at each stage of the design of the parts: plans, up to the finish.

Your satisfaction, our goal!

Throughout the manufacturing and machining of our plastic parts, we keep the customer's needs in mind and aim to satisfy each of them. Because the satisfaction of our customers at Plastica is our goal.


Because we support our customers at each stage of the plastic manufacturing and machining process, at Plastica we offer all the services complementary to laser cutting and engraving, including CNC digital cutting, custom plastic manufacturing service, digital printing service and delivery service.


Contact us today to discuss your projects.

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