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Avoid the risk of contagion with a plexiglas protective screen

We manufacture and distribute security


Our reputation at Plastica is undeniable in the field of manufacturing plastic products in Quebec. Faced with the crisis that Quebec is going through with COVID-19, we knew that our expertise could help protect “our angels” from all essential services, including grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, hospitals, gas stations, etc., which keep Quebec at arm's length. It is therefore in support of “our angels”, and for their protection, that we dedicate a part of our production to the manufacture of sneeze guards.


Plan what will be mandatory for the reopening of your business.

Prepare for the economic recovery by providing your business with these protective screens which will be a criterion to allow its reopening. Faced with this need, contact us today and take advantage of advantageous prices and treat yourself to the excellence of our professional and courteous service. It is with enthusiasm that we will work jointly with you to create custom protective screens that will meet your practical and aesthetic criteria, because yes, it is possible to add aesthetics to these sneeze guards by engraving on them. For example your company logo.


We're here for you!


- The whole Plastica team

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