Printed hanging protectors

We manufacture and distribute security. Since the start of this pandemic, we have been manufacturing protective screens to protect as much as possible employees as well as customers. You too can benefit from the same kind of protection that we are currently distributing in order to effectively prepare you for the reopening of businesses. You should know that this type of protection will be more and more common and necessary given the current situation. Do not wait and contact us now!

Choose from our ready to go models!
We offer 3 different collections in total 25 models.

Textures collection:

This collection offers you the possibility of 7 models that offer colorful patterns in unique colors.

These models will provide great privacy to your workplace.

Pattern collection:

This collection offers 10 different patterns in black or white version.

These models offer you a beautiful transparency which will be discreet in your environment.

Color collection:

This collection offers you a choice of 8 customizable solid color models.

These models offer you great flexibility in terms of the choice of colors that can be adapted in your premises.

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