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Brand Names : Vivak, Etc.
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Polyethylene terephthalate glycol, better known by the abbreviation of PETG is a transparent plastic made from polyester. Highly reactive to heat, it is the plastic of choice for all projects involving hot bending.

PETG is very versatile: it resists well to impacts without cracking, it has good chemical resistance in addition to being approved for the food market. PETG is widely used in the food industry for its thermoformability. Many food and beverage containers are made from this plastic.

 This material being very easily scratched is always protected by a protective film.

PETG allows: ​

  • Table saw cut

  • CNC cut

  • Hot bending

  • Assembled and glued

  • Digital printing


Clear PETG sheets are available in a 48 X 96 inch. Thicknesses ranges from 0.020 to ¼ inch. The material is always protected with a protective film. 

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