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How to Properly Clean your Acrylic?

Acrylic is one of our favourites due to its glow, radiance and transparency. This lasting plastic can be stored for a long period of time by its owner if the maintenance is well-done. With time, dust, scuffs and finger marks can pile up on plastic. This is where the question arises, how can I properly clean my acrylic (plexiglass)? In this article, you will learn about the products to use, the types of cloth to advise as well as the cleaning technique to practice.

The Cleaning Products

There exists a great variety of specialized cleaning products for plastic, such as Novus 1© and Brillianize© (available at Plastica). These cleaning products will not only remove dirt and restore the plastic’s radiance, but they will also protect them from steam, static, scuffs as well as finger marks.

If you do not have any cleaning products made for plastic on hand and must clean an item rapidly, it is possible to use dish soap diluted with water. In this way, you avoid acrylic deterioration with household products.

Avoid, at all costs, using products containing alcohol, ammonia, aromatics or any other solvent on your plastic. In other words, be wary of popular glass cleaner brands. Also, pay close attention to hand sanitizers. They contain a large quantity of alcohol. If in doubt, verify the ingredients.

Some production techniques such as laser cutting, engraving and polishing can weaken your acrylics and be a gateway for chemical reactions. Damages related to cleaning mistakes will not necessarily be seen instantly. The product usually attacks plastic slowly.

After the application, you risk seeing microcracks appear on your plexiglass.

The Cloth

The best cloth for cleaning your plastic would be, without any hesitation, our Kimtech©

wipes (available at Plastica). For an in-house solution, we recommend a soft cloth, preferably in microfiber. You must avoid all abrasive products such as sponges, paper towels or stiff cloths.

The Cleaning Technique

  1. If the acrylic surface is very dirty, blow the dust and dirt particles with a compressed air gun. If you do not have the necessary material to blow the particles, you can wash it out with water to remove everything that could be abrasive for your plastic.

  2. Apply the cleaning product generously on your plexiglass (Brillianize©, Novus 1©, dish soap diluted with water, etc.)

  3. Wipe the surface of your plastic. Scrub slowly without exerting any pressure on your cloth until the product is completely soaked. The watchword: slowly, without too much pressure on your plexiglass. Only scrub damp zones, dry friction risks to scratch your plastic.

  4. If the surface is still dirty, you can repeat steps two and three until your acrylic is perfectly clean and shiny.

To sum up, we recommend you to use specialized products such as Novus 1©, Brillianize© and a Kimtech© cloth to clean up your plastic items. The best technique is to remove the dust and the dirt before slowly wiping the plexiglass surface. These cleaning tips are valid for your products made with laser cutting, engraving, CNC digital cutting and even with digital printing. These will guarantee longer durability for your acrylic. Your plexiglass will then remain shiny, transparent and dazzling for a long period of time.

If you have questions, do you hesitate to contact us.


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