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Collaborate with artist Bill Vincent

Bill (William James) Vincent: Originally from Ontario, is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist. He has taken part in about sixty exhibitions, several of which are international. Creative at heart, he was awarded the 2012 Videre Prize (Recognition in Visual Arts) as part of the awards for excellence in arts and culture. He is a great fan of arts, he excels from the field of painting to engraving, sculpture and multimedia. It harmoniously blends the themes of nature, the human body and spirituality. Bill Vincent has won dozens of public art contracts since 1998.

Being in a field that operates in tailor-made, our company works in a wide variety of projects. The Plastica team loves working on projects that are out of the ordinary. This is what artist Bill Vincent offers us when he asks us to bring his ideas to life for his public art creations.

With the arrival of digital arts, Bill Vincent felt that exhibition venues were becoming rare. The contact with art is done differently than what we have known past. Bill said he was surprised, "80% of the works of art that are viewed now are viewed through an iPhone." It is for this reason that public art has become very important to the artist. Bill had to reinvent himself, swapping brushes and wood to engage in government architectural works. His creations come to life everywhere around us, especially in schools, hospitals, libraries, museums and other public establishments.

An artist can usually express his freedom and creativity in the choice of materials for personal works. However, with public art it's different. The choice of materials requires more constraints: they must be noble, permanent, safe, washable, waterproof and strong enough to be potentially affected by the public.

The work must last well over time, sometimes even as long as the building itself. It is very different from the works exhibited in a museum. It was when he started public art projects that Bill began to work and explore acrylic.

The plexiglass therefore allows Bill to play with depths, overlays and lights thanks to its transparency. Bill was able to transpose his experience with wood to acrylic, since the material is worked in a similar way. Bill Vincent easily works with plastic with a spinning top or a knife.

Whether it is metal, wood or plastic, Bill Vincent told us that he relies a lot on his suppliers for the realization of his projects. Working with the same team from one project to another builds a good bond of trust. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to collaborate with an artist of his caliber for almost 17 years.

Finally, here are some achievements in which Plastica has been able to collaborate :

For more information about Bill Vincent or to see more of his accomplishments, you can visit his website.


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