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Custom acrylic displays

A display should not simply be a support for the products it exhibits. It must also highlight them while combining the brand image of the company that sells the said products.

See here this project carried out for a prestigious brand of cosmetic products for which we had to make displays in white glossy acrylic which, in addition to highlighting the different products, made it possible to separate the different ranges of this brand. All while respecting the colors of the brand and focusing on the chic side is sophisticated. We were able to complete this project thanks to our CNC digital cutting machinery and our manufacturing methods, including folding and glued assembly.

Do you also need displays to showcase your products? Our design team at Plastica will devote all the time necessary to the study of your brand (sphere of activity, market and target clientele) in order to create displays that will meet your functional and aesthetic criteria. Simple and sober, or complex and original, we can call on our different departments, complementary to each other, in the manufacture and customization of your displays.

Supporting you at each stage of the plastic manufacturing and machining process is our way of showing our interest in your project. We will be able to guide you through our various services complementary to CNC digital cutting and manufacturing, including the laser cutting and engraving service, the digital printing service and the delivery service in order to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today for full support.


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