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Digital art with our digital printing service

When our expertise and the creativity of an artist combine, it is possible to arrive at a unique work of art.

Mélinart is an avant-garde artist from Quebec who combines technology with her art in the creation of works that make her signature. The artist's drawings were printed on a piece of translucent acrylic, the light properties of which allow the light to be distributed uniformly. We can appreciate the effect of light on the parts of the white work which make them appear backlit, but also on the parts of the colored work since it energizes and amplifies the color.

Our challenge was to print on acrylic to honor the artist's drawings. Everything has been made possible thanks to our digital printers, the printing of which is produced in reference to the Pantone charters, thus ensuring that we are as faithful as possible.

Do you also want high quality high definition printing for one of your projects or for any other specific need? We can help you!

Supporting you at each stage of the plastic manufacturing and machining process is our way of showing our interest in your project. We will be able to guide you through our various services complementary to CNC digital cutting and manufacturing, including the laser cutting and engraving service, the digital printing service and the delivery service in order to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today for full support.


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