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Manufacturing of custom acrylic display

When you look carefully around you, you can realize how much plastic is present and how versatile it is which allows it to be used in all sectors, including in the food sector.

The IGA supermarket banner asked us to create a discreet recipe card distributor that could be easily installed on the supports already in place in the store. Obviously, for discretion, transparency is always a wise choice. We therefore designed this dispenser in transparent acrylic tinted with a soft green which made it possible to protect the recipe cards while blending in with the decor since the important thing in a grocery store is to enhance the food.

To design this dispenser, we first cut the pieces of acrylic and then used folding and glued assembly. We can manufacture for your business the supports and displays necessary to display what must be seen. All according to your requirements and needs.

Supporting you at each stage of the plastic manufacturing and machining process is our way of showing our interest in your project. We will be able to guide you through our various services complementary to CNC digital cutting and manufacturing, including the laser cutting and engraving service, the digital printing service and the delivery service in order to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today for full support.


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